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Less Phone Launcher 

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Less Addiction More Life

It's an Android Launcher that doesn't let you do anything. Yup you read it right. 

NoPhone is a Launcher that takes up your Home Screen and stops you from using the time consuming apps.

LessPhone has Phone Calls and Directions. It also has a Task Manager built in, so you can get your tasks in order. That's about it, no more access to your Social Media, your other media, your swiping and everything.

So that means You can spend your time with your Friends and Family and the people that matter, rather than pieces of code engineered to hook you in.

We wake up with our Phones, go to bathroom with it, eat food with it, wait in line with it, get on bus with it, work with it, get back on bus with it. Just think isn't it enough to be addicted?

Phones are a major time sink. Yep that's the truth. I literally spend more than 5 hours on my phone so I'm not judging. We swipe, tag, like, share and do all sorts of things that we think matters but doesn't.

That's the tagline for LessPhone, A Restraining Order from Your Phone.

How to Install:

• Download the APK
• Install it as you would normally install any other apk. 
• That's all, Enjoy at free of cost.

Whats New:

• Fix Dialer unreachable from bottom
• Fix Green Border showing up around the App
• Bug Fixes and feature enhancements.

Additional Information:

Version:                   3.0.7
File Size:                  6.9 MB
Requires:                Android 4.1 and up
Developer:             AshvinMohan
Update:                  January 10, 2019

Click Here to Download

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